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Style up your Summer

Most women desperately look forward to summer so they can finally start flaunting those summer bodies, but when the time eventually comes, just the mere thought of dressing up can leave us sweating! However, amidst all the heat, humidity, and perspiration, if you know what to wear, the season can feel like a breeze. Whether it’s soft sundresses, crop tops, or colorful tie-dyes, there are multiple creative ways to beat the heat and look great while doing it. The best way to start styling up your summer is by checking out our new arrivals that are designed to be both comfortable and stylish during these hot months.

Denim up with Distressed Denim

Distressed Denim has been a great addition to all women’s summer closets since it has become a trend in the contemporary fashion world. Since anything close to jeans or jeans jacket is the opposite of breezy summer wear, distressed denim provides a great alternative to still achieve that chic look while also not positively melting in the heat. Distressed denim jeans or jackets go well with any fancy top, and you're just a pair of strappy sandals away from completing that look. Our new arrival distressed denim jackets may be just exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to denim. Its pseudo-puffed sleeves give it a throwback 18th-century look while the distressing keeps it contemporary looking. Glam it up with a sweater or a top underneath, and you're ready to go for your summer outings!

Summer Bright Tie Dyes

While winter rarely leaves any room for bright clothing or creative hues, summer is great to finally start experimenting with some fun colors, patterns, and tie-dyes. The retro tie-dye look has also been the new wave in the contemporary world of fashion, and women have lost many shirts to try and DIY the perfect tie-dye for their summer collection. There is no more fun way to add some color to beat the heat than a funky tie-dye top or shirt. Tie dyes don’t only look breezy, but on lightweight clothing, they can feel just as breezy too. Try our asymmetric hi-lo hem tie-dye top if you’re looking for the perfect summer shirt to wear from our new arrivals. The shirt is lightweight boat-necked made of jersey cotton to achieve that perfect summer comfort. With its funky design of asymmetrical raw edge hi-lo hem and a-line silhouette tie-dye, you can stand out in any crowd. 

Practicality Wins

While it may be easy to go with something stylish and fashionable to look your best in the summer, it is always an added benefit to really think about what is practical so you can choose accordingly for the heat. This doesn't mean you go out wearing only boring white t-shirts to be practical; it just means you need to know what you're looking for. One basic practical summer clothing tip is to stay away from tight dresses. However, an alternative that is easily just as stylish is wearing cute loose summer dresses that can make you look just as good. You may also want to choose breathable fabrics, which means throwing away the synthetic fabrics and opting for pure linen, cotton, or silk that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Our new arrivals in cotton can really be the answer to your practical yet stylish needs! Last but not least, choose your colors wisely. Darker colors are definitely not what you want to wear walking out in the sun. Instead, opt for lighter and cooler tones to beat off the heat.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Some Skin

It’s a no-brainer to say that summer comes with the added benefit of finally daring to bare some skin you’ve been hiding all winter! It is both an easy way to look great and be comfortable in the summer heat without all that fabric covering up your skin. This doesn’t mean you have to show too. You can choose to wear strappy dresses, cap sleeves, or even capris to get that modest bit of skin you just can’t hideaway. Adding some ruffles or a nice trim can make your look jump from casual to classy. One of our new arrivals offers something that really fits the criteria of that chic summer look with just the smallest hint of skin. Our smocked shirt sleeve top comes with a ruffled round neckline that can be layered or worn as a summer top to keep you looking cool. The ultra-soft fabric comes in a soft rose dawn color with a lettuce trim at the bottom hem and super stretchy material to be comfortable for all! Pairing it with a flowy skirt can complete the whole look.

Keep it Casual with Style

While we all want to glam up sometimes, wearing makeup, heavy jewelry, and clingy dresses does not sound all that appealing when the sun is blaring outside. So how can you style up without all that extra bedazzle in the summer? Well, summer is a great time to explore how you can achieve stylish outfits without the added fuss of being fancy and over the top just to look good for a night out with friends. It can be as easy as picking the perfect pair of shoes to stay chic and comfortable as you enter an event. Cool tone clothes, solid colors, patterned clothing are all easy ways to maintain the look while keeping it casual. Something similar can also be found in one of our new arrivals that are casual, shows some skin, and stylish all in one. Our distressed crop top set is the perfect casual summer outfit to add to your summer collection. The charcoal color gives it a nice solid tone, while the funky pattern makes it look both casual and classy. The distressed jersey crop top and elasticated drawstring waist shorts that are both ultra-soft and high-stretch can actually make you want to look forward to summer.

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