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New Arrivals

Look good, feel good, do good
This is our mantra at Heny Star. Our team works hard to tailor the most fashionably relevant articles for you that will also make you feel good and on top of your game. Your style and comfort are our topmost priority. We firmly believe that a woman can conquer the world if she feels comfortable in her dress.

We do not just follow the latest fashion trends blindly; rather, we keep in mind what your needs are while looking for a new piece of clothing. Because at Heny Star, YOU are the boss!

A dress for every occasion
We aim to be your go-to shopping site whenever you are on the lookout for new apparel. Need a trendy top? We're here! Looking for comfy jeans? Look here! Want a swimsuit? Search here!

We keep our catalog full of so many options to cater to all of your different needs. From activewear to cute tops to cardigans to jeans, all your wardrobe staples are just a click away.

Luxury and style go hand in hand. And we make sure that you get a taste of both. Cheeky cuts and complementing colors can make your already beautiful body pop. With our range of new arrivals, you can be sure of looking your best.

Not only do we keep up your style game, but we also aspire to provide you with the highest quality of fabric and tailoring. Comfortable, soft, buttery material that will make your body thank you for your purchase. Because who likes wearing stiff clothes with pesky seams? No one, that's right!

All sizes, for all shapes!
The Heny Star team appreciates all shapes of beauty and strives to provide for all sizes of it. We experiment with different styles and trends to come up with something everyone feels good about. What can be better than having access to all that flatters you? It is as if we custom-made each article especially for you.

What's more, is that we have a style for women living all different kinds of life. Whether you are a fierce working woman or a confident stay-at-home mum. Our new range is versatile enough to cover so many different ways of living.

So, watch this space!
It is exclusively for women who want to look great and do even better. Because everyone deserves to feel like a superstar, but for that, you’ll have to look like one first!