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How to Style Winter Clothes

Feeling cold, but still love dressing up? If so then you have come to the right place. Dressing up during winter can feel like a hassle, especially when you have to go out. Each morning you are in a battle between dressing up warm or dressing up chic. However, what if I told you that you could do both without compromising on either warmth or fashion. Winter clothes are more fun to style. The key to that fun is layering. A sleeveless sweater on top of a puff-sleeved white shirt paired with faux leather pants topped with a coat is a hundred times more fun than a simple summer dress. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that winter brings out the real high-fashion looks.

Oftentimes, we have many clothes in our closet that we can’t think of styling in more than one way, but that is exactly where we’re wrong. If you haven’t styled one sweater in three different ways, are you even doing this fashion thing correctly? Let’s be honest, fashion is more about the way you style an outfit than about the outfit itself. So take out all your winter clothes, even the ones you aren’t fond of, and dive into this article to find out how to style them in different ways to look and feel both elegant and comfortable.

All Black

Styling anything with an all-black outfit can never go wrong. Go simple with a black high neck paired with black pants and layer with a coat on top. The best part is that you can easily find a black shirt and pants in your closet. A bonus to this look is that you can pair this outfit with anything (a sweater, coat, jacket, you name it) and it will look chic.

Skirt with sweaters

Pair your skirt up with a sweater instead of a blouse and see how a little difference can do wonders in the aspect of looking elegant and cozy. If a sweater alone is not enough to keep you warm you can also wear a tank or t-shirt underneath.

Layers, layers, and more layers

As previously mentioned, styling clothes in winter is all about layering. Wear a sweater with pants and a coat on top or you can wear a turtleneck with faux leather pants. Don’t worry about ruining your look with layers. Layering is the key to staying warm and still looking stylish during those cold winter days. Wear a vest underneath to keep yourself extra warm. However, don’t just layer up random clothes. Keep a lookout for color combinations and textures. Take a look in your closet and begin styling different pieces by adding layers. You will be surprised by how one piece of clothing can form so many unique looks.

Faux fur

Faux fur is the one of the best clothing options during winter. Styling it the properly can immediately elevate your look. You can wear faux fur with almost anything but if you’re still unsure of how to style it, a trick is to match with your boots. Also, wear fur mittens, a beanie, or a furry scarf and you will smash your look without the fear getting cold!

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Drape with a belt

Wearing a drape on top of your dress or sweater is a great way of staying warm. You can create any shape and wrap it in any way you want. Wearing a drape with a matching belt is an even better idea. It will give you a chic look along with keeping you comfy and warm.


Winter time is perfect for wearing coats so why not style them with your outfits in different ways to give you a unique look each time. A light-colored trench coat can effortlessly make you look chic on your way to work. Coats can be worn on any outfit whether a dress or a sweater, you will steal the limelight at any place. Having a coat big enough to be worn over other jackets is a plus.


Accessories can go a long way


Wearing matching boots can complete any look. Boots paired up with a short dress and tights can give your outfit a boost. Whether you wear them with a dress or pants and coats, they will look good either way. Pairing your pants or leggings with over the knee boots can complete any look and keep you warm.


Protecting and covering your head is important to stay warm during winter. Hence, having a hat is necessary and can also be a good accessory to style your outfit with. Wearing a wool wide brim hat or a faux fur trapper will always be trendy. Pairing a beanie with your sweater is always a good idea as well.


Take out all the scarves you have buried deep down in your closet and pair them up with your outfits. A simple scarf can elevate your look in so many ways. Moreover, a simple scarf can be worn in so many different ways such as wrapping them around the neck, wearing it around your head, or even wearing it as a belt on top of your clothes.

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Add a pop of color to your outfit by wearing gloves. You can make a fashion statement while bundling up by wearing matching gloves or you could also wear bright knot gloves and they would give your outfit just the right kind of flavor.

Fashion does not have to be complicated. Winter outfits are all about coziness and comfort. Real fashion begins when the temperatures start to drop. Styling clothes during winter are all about using one coat in three different ways and still looking elegant each time.

The best thing about all the ideas given above is that anyone can easily implement them and most of the time these items are easily available to us in our closets. The first thing you need to do right now is to check all the pieces of clothing that are in your closet and find out the different ways you can style them. Also, don't forget to take out your gloves and scarves!

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